The Northern Lights Breeders Group would like to take this opportunity to welcome horse enthusiasts from all levels of the equine industry.

What started out as some casual phone conversations in 2018 has now blossomed into a  group of dedicated equine breeders with common goals. These goals include breeding and promoting quality AQHA & APHA horses, working together to market our horses locally, providing a place for our clients to market their horses and most importantly standing behind our horses by providing excellent customer service. 

Several of the group members earn their living on the back of the sale horses, riding in community pastures so there are many miles and many hours put into training these horses and therefore they are putting out horses that are able to be used in many different events and activities. There are also members of our group that have competed in rodeo and other performance events. The knowledge and experience of this group can take you and your horses to the next level. 

We are very fortunate to be able to host our horse sale at the excellent facility that the Lloydminster Exhibition has to offer. Huge thanks to their staff for all the effort that they have put into our sale. Thank you to our sales staff for all the time and work to help make our sale a success. 

Please take the time to contact the breeders or consignors and arrange a ranch tour prior to our sale to familiarize yourself with them and their horses.

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